Find out why Menadena receives 5-star ratings on Facebook, Google My Business, Hourly Nerd, and Yelp. 

Ben was a pleasure to work with on this project and I would highly recommend him to others!
— Anonymous, CEO, Health Tech (New York)
Menadena was excellent.
— Richard T., SVP, Media Rights Company (New York)
Ben displays a rigorous approach to create actionable knowledge and his contributions are extremely value added.
— David S., COO, Automotive Supply Chain Solutions (Detroit)
Menadena was really good at finding the balance between working efficiently and providing high quality product. Recommended.
— Antoun N., Strategy, Global Biopharmaceuticals Company (San Francisco)
Menadena created a framework to strengthen our approach against competitive pressures, delivering our work on time and on budget.
— Francesca M., Marketing, Global Fashion Brand (Milan)
Ben is a pure expert and fun to work with.
— Holly S., President, Nonprofit (Boston)
Excellent work, right to the point of the project. Very rapid turnaround, and very proactive approach.
— Tom B., Stealth Start Up (Seattle)
Ben Robertson is wonderful to work with.
— Sara D., Independent Consultant (Washington, DC)
Menadena was professional and listened to feedback very well to fit our needs. We would definitely recommend them!
— Orli K., Communications, Biotech (San Francisco)
Menadena is terrific. Would highly recommend.
— Steve M., Founder, Internet Startup (Miami)
I have worked with Ben before and he has proven that he is skilled in his craft and a pleasure to work with.
— Theresa N., Marketing, Cloud-Based Business Platform (Providence)
We were very impressed.
— Luke F., Sales, Online Marketplace (Boston)
Menadena was able to leverage a global network of contacts to get high level input from experts within various realms of the industry.
— Vinu S., Director, Strategy Consulting (Boston)
Menadena was wonderful. Worked under a tight deadline and produced great work.
— Eric J., Investor, Hedge Fund (San Francisco)
Menadena provided tremendous insights and strategic ideas to help our company.
— Mark L., CEO, Ad Tech Startup (New York)
Menadena was able to take all of my ideas and turn them into a fantastic final project on a tight deadline.
— Theresa N., Marketing, Cloud-Based Business Platform (Providence)
We ultimately decided the technologies were not far enough along to merit investment, in large part because of Menadena’s detailed research.”
— John H., Investor, Russian Agriculture Company (Moscow)
We hired Menadena for financial and corporate advisory work several times. Menadena is efficient, industrious, and very loyal to clients.
— Ethan G., CEO, Clean Technology Company (New York)
Menadena’s breadth of experience, internationally, technically, and financially, and creative problem solving, make the company an invaluable asset to any team.
— Curt C., Founder, Renewable Energy Startup (Cape Cod)
Menadena put together a multi-facted marketing project that included a new website, rolling a content-based newsletter into out marketing mix, and maximizing social media.
— Mary Ann K., Founder, Economic Development Organization (New Hampshire)
I will definitely take my business here again!
— Karin B., Founder, Travel Company (Vermont)
Highly recommend Menadena.
— Jan B., Photographer (New Hampshire)
I highly recommend Menadena.
— Keri W., Director, Non-Profit Arts Organization (Vermont)

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