Why I ❤️ Designing Websites Using Squarespace

Two years ago a local business in Keene, New Hampshire hired me to design their website on Squarespace. I fell in love, put my own websites on Squarespace, and have not looked back. The beauty of designing websites with Squarespace is that it lets me focus on design, function, and strategic goals, not technology. 

Web design for me was HTML and Perl in the 90’s, WordPress in the 00’s, and Squarespace in the 10’s. Squarespace is the platform best made for me as a lover of technology, design, and storytelling.

Squarespace is beautiful, easy-to-manage, and has great support, and the company is focused on serving me, with high-quality partners, and happy employees. 

It Looks Good

The first thing you will notice browsing Squarespace templates is that they are beautiful. Squarespace is a product company with design, engineering, and marketing at its heart. Squarespace templates help people and organizations tell their stories to the world in a beautiful way. 

Pro Tip:

To design an awesome website using Squarespace templates, do not reinvent the wheel! Choose instead to follow the template design and keep a keen eye on how the template designers use imagery and copy to tell a story. A team of smart people designed these templates to serve you and they will not let you down if you pay attention! 

It’s Easy to Use

I see many clients who are desperate because they do not know how to make changes to their website. Like Winchester Neighbors Club, a nonprofit social and philanthropic organization in Massachusetts, who came to me and said, “our website is terrible”. I agreed and told them what I tell everyone, which is that once a Squarespace site is done, I do not hear from my clients regarding how to make changes to the site.

As we were wrapping up our engagement, my client at Winchester Neighbors Club started making changes to the new site on her own,and some of them were pretty advanced, like making buttons with PayPal clickthrough URLs. She was telling me “this is so intuitive”, “I am getting the hang of this”, and “this is fun.” I was like, “Yes it is”, “I told you you would love it”, and “you are welcome!” 

It Serves Me

Okay, so first the customer service part. When a Squarespace customer needs help, the company has over 300 advisors, available by phone, email, and chat, who provide world-class, 24/7/365 support, not some dude (aka me) who may or may not be available. The average customer satisfaction rate is 93%. 

But for me service is not just customer service, it is how a company delivers its products. What I love about Squarespace is that they focus on solving my problems and delivering solutions, not extracting the maximum possible amount of money from me every time I show up on their site. What this means in practice is no popups, no ads, no up sells, in other words, no hard-sell, extractive marketing when I am trying to get something done. 

Pro Tip:

Avoid service providers that are marketing to you while you are trying to use their products. Look for companies that focus on providing a great user experience, not extracting more cash with every interaction, like a slot machine in Vegas. Good companies know that the product is the pitch.  

It Lives in a Friendly Ecosystem

Squarespace templates have official integrations that extend your site’s power across the web. This means that useful tools from companies like Amazon, Google, and MailChimp are built into the platform with integrations that are fully supported by Squarespace. What is great about Squarespace is that these integrated service providers share the same values of great service, value pricing, and treating their customers like people, and this is especially true for the closer relationships like Google and MailChimp. 

Go to Google Domains, Google Apps for Work, or MailChimp, and you will find simple, clean, user focused interfaces that are built to serve your needs. And like people, where we often find we like our friend’s friends, Squarespace’s friends, like MailChimp, have their own cool friends, like Eventbrite

Pro Tip:

When you pick a service provider, check out the ecosystem, and avoid those ecosystems that look like a casino, the zip, the zing, the bada-bing that seems more focused on manipulating you with dopamine rather than providing world-class solutions. 

It’s a Happy Company

Squarespace has happy employees! Fortune Magazine ranked the company #5 Best Small and Medium Workplace in 2015, and #1 in New York City. 

I do not know why Squarespace employees are happy but I bet it has something to do with being treated like human beings. I like the way Squarespace treats me as a customer and my clients are happy too. So if there is one thing I would say to recommend Squarespace it is that they have good values, starting with great products, the right partners, and great relationships with customers and employees. 

And when it comes to choosing service providers, quality products and happy people are a good place to start.