Who We Are

Menadena was started in 2006 in Keene, New Hampshire and is dedicated to helping small businesses grow through website design, search engine optimization, and marketing strategy. Ben Robertson began designing websites for himself in 2014 and soon got hired by local companies who liked his work. Menadena now serves clients from Cape Cod to Hawaii with 5-star ratings on Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau of New Hampshire.

What We Do

We help leaders achieve goals by analyzing, communicating, and developing strategy through marketing consulting and web design. 

Where We Can Be Found

Menadena is listed, registered, and reviewed with the following organizations:

Why We Do It

We love good stories. Good stories improve decisions and build trust. The world needs good stories.

How We Do It

Menadena follows the Better Business Bureau Code of Business Practices. 

  • Build trust
  • Advertise honestly
  • Tell the truth
  • Honor promises
  • Be responsive
  • Safeguard privacy
  • Embody integrity

Who We Serve

Menadena serves businesses and nonprofit organizations around the world in industries like consumer goods, e-commerce, finance, health, hospitality, manufacturing, nonprofit, professional services, retail, software, and technology.

Who We Work With

Menadena works with partners to build our business and serve our clients. 


Menadena has affiliate relationships with many of our service providers. This means we may earn commissions or other benefits when readers click on affiliate links and purchase products or services. 

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